Two Years, Three Months with Ben

I can count to ten. I am on the move: jumping, running, riding on my tricycle, and walking around the lake. I love waterfalls. I am so happy to be a little brother and a big brother. I can eat…a lot.  I especially love pasta I can stick my finger through,... read more

Two Years with Ben

I love my stuffed monkey, aka “MoMo” and my big sister Mari. I’m super active. I climb couches, tables, and rope ladders at the park. I can jump high and kick my feet in front of me. I love food!  Chicken nuggets, pasta and fruit are my favorites. I... read more

One Year, Six Months with Ben

I love to jump. I am starting to use words like “mama” and “dada.” I like to eat…everything.  I have quite the appetite. I like playing with my big sister.  But I also have been known to wake up early from my nap to get some play time in... read more

One Year, Three Months with Ben

He is walking freely! He can stand up by himself and now prefers walking on his feed over crawling or walking on his knees. He is talking more: “mama”, “dada”, “more”, “down”, “thankyou”,... read more

Ben’s One Year Facts

21 pounds 11 ounces.  30.375 inches.  8 teeth. Favorite TOYS: balls, stuffed animals, rubber ducky Favorite ACTIVITY: walks in the stroller, bath time, roll the ball, dancing Favorite FOOD: cheese, meat, oranges, things that don’t require a spoon I like to CLIMB... read more

Ten Months with Ben

Ben is a happy boy. (But he still has the biggest alligator tears when he is sad.) He has transitioned from only wanting formula, to loving pureed food, and has now aborted mission on the pureed food and only wants table food! His current favorites are oranges,... read more